Friday, February 29, 2008


An exciting preview event at Discovery Green
On Saturday, March 1, 2008 get out and enjoy a FREE concert at the all new Anheuser-Busch Stage and Fondren Performance Space located in Discovery Green Park Houston TX 77002 Google Maps Hotels Near Yahoo! Maps Weather Forecast

This FREE concert honors Houston's High School for the Performing and Visual Arts (HSPVA) and Dr. Robert Morgan, HSPVA Director of Jazz Studies Emeritus (1976-1999). The entertainment line up includes talented HSPVA alumni, as well as, Al Jarreau and also appearing La Mafia.

Local headliner *Scott Gertner and KPRC Channel 2's Dominique Sachse will serve as emcees as a stellar group of HSPVA alumni musicians take to the stage to perform a tribute to their beloved director.

6:00 p.m.
Straight Ahead Jam Session with HSPVA All Stars*Warren Sneed, saxophone; *Shelley Carrol, saxophone; *Brandon Lee, trumpet;*Jose-Miguel Yamal, piano; *David Craig, bass; *Sebastian Whittaker, drums

7:00 p.m.
Houston's First Lady Andrea White presents proclamation to Dr. Robert Morgan

7:15 p.m.
Robert Glasper/Chris Dave Experiment -- *Robert Glasper, piano; *Chris Dave, drums; *Mark Kelley, bass; Casey Benjamin, saxophone/vocalist; Lionel Loueke, guitar/vocalist

8:00 p.m.
La Mafia featuring *Tim Ruiz, bass; ex-drummer *Michael Aguilar, drums

9:00 p.m.
*Chris Walker with the Everette Harp Band

9:10 p.m.
Everette Harp and Friends -- *Everette Harp, saxophone; *Gregory Curtis, keyboard; *Keith Vivens, bass; Dwight Sills, guitar; Mark Stephens, keyboard

Immediately following will be Al Jarreau featuring *Mark Simmons, drums (HSPVA alumni performing are noted with *)

Please click here for more detailed information.

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Thursday, February 28, 2008


We are definitely all part of an interesting time in history. This presidential election has managed to rally many to get involved in the political process. I have been paying particular attention to the news reports related to the 2008 presidential election. Can you believe it....I even watched the Democratic debate. Unless you're a cave dweller, you are well aware that we are approaching the Texas Democratic Primary. The presidential primary will be held on March 4, 2008.

Texans like to do things big. So why not have people vote twice on March 4? Yes, that's pretty much the way it works. There will be a daylong primary, and then, that same night a caucus. While many states have one method of choosing presidential candidates, Texas has a rather complicated system -- part primary, part caucus. Texas Democrats will have to work twice as hard to do their civic duty Tuesday in a hybrid election system dubbed the “Texas Two-Step” by some.

It's not enough to vote once in the primary on March 4, you must go back to your assigned voting precinct at 7:15 p.m. and vote in the Caucus. We are really dealing with such a tight race between the two Democratic candidates.....Every single vote counts. According to reports, two-thirds of the delegates are chosen in the primary vote, while one-third is determined by the caucus vote. A candidate could win the primary vote, but lose the caucus vote if voters don't return to their voting precinct on March 4. This unique system applies to both Democratic and Republican parties. In order to participate in either caucus, you must first vote in the primary. Your voter's registration card will be stamped when you vote. Be sure to keep your voting registration card on hand and ready to whip out on March 4th when you return to the poll to vote in the caucus. Your driver's license will not allow you to vote in the caucus YOU MUST HAVE YOUR PREVIOUSLY STAMPED voter's registration card in hand.

As always, a politically involved FASHIONISTA is both informed and stylish. Now that you are armed with the information regarding the Texas-Two-Step and how the process works, make sure you are stylish and comfortable on the day in question. A Fashionista is NEVER unprepared. Wear flats or comfortable shoes that compliment your outfit. Shoes should be comfortable and fit well. You can also prevent some foot and knee problems by buying shoes that fit properly.

Here are some tips for selecting footwear that will offer style and comfort.
Step 1: Check the size of your feet regularly. Our feet change as we age.

Step 2: Take separate measurements for each foot. Each foot size is different.

Step 3: Try on shoes at the end of the day, when feet are typically largest.

Step 4: Always try on shoes and avoid relying on the size indicated. Companies
manufacture sizes differently.

Step 5: Be sure to stand and walk when trying on shoes, and allow for approximately
1/2 inch of space for the longest toe of each foot.

Step 6: Be sure your heels fit comfortably and slip only slightly.

Step 7: Select shoes that conform to your feet.

It doesn't matter who you vote for....JUST AS LONG AS YOU VOTE. Let's make sure we get out and flood the polls.... And remember be FANTABULOUS while performing your civic duty.

Friday, February 15, 2008


There are two great reasons to give yourself a pedicure. The first is to give your feet a well-deserved pampering and deep cleaning. The second reason is to get your toes looking sexy for your summer sandals. warmer weather and sunny days approach us; we are able to unleash our feet from the boots and closed toe shoes. With that in mind, we need to stop and think before we expose the toes. Before you step into those sandals make sure your feet are fit to be seen.

Let me start by sharing a quick story with you. I was recently in the Dillard's West Oaks shoe department trying on the new Jessica Simpson peep toe pattened leather slingbacks (now that's a stretch for me right...ha ha). Which I might add her shoes are FABULOUS. Jessica Simpson seems to know exactly what a girl wants in a shoe. Okay, let me focus....while sitting there waiting on the salesperson to bring my selections out there was a lady sitting next to me who was also trying on shoes. She was impeccably dressed in a very beautiful Tahara black and white pin stripped suit.

I quickly complimented her on her suit, of course. She had chosen a beautiful pair of BCBG sandals to try on. I might add Fashionistas that the sandals this season are hotter than ever, true works of art. I digress; let me turn my attention back to my story.

The snazzy dressed lady begins to take off her beautiful Carlos Santana boots. Once she removed her stocking I caught sight of her feet, and I thought I would pass out. It took everything within me not to gasp in horror. Her feet were in such poorly kept shape. After seeing her feet, I instantly flashed back to that episode of Martin when Sha Na Na had to have her feet sandblasted. As I politely looked down, then away and back at her. I could see the embarrassment on her face and I'm sure she could see that I was equally as embarrassed for her. This was definitely not a good moment for her.

Take care of your feet just as you do your fingernails. Of course, with the winter weather upon us our feet aren't exposed as much as they are during the summer months. Howewer, we should still keep our feet in good condition. Don't completely stop getting pedicures, simply space out the intervals that you get them done. For example, during the summer get them done every 2 weeks. During the winter, get them done every 3-4 weeks. And heaven forbid if your nail polish should chip between your scheduled appoints, please take care of that. Walking around with chipped nail polish is no no...whenever the polish chips, either get them redone or just take the polish off. There are no ifs, ands or butts about it.

Here are a few ideas for a Fantabulous do it yourself pedicure. Giving yourself a professional looking pedicure at home is a snap, if you follow some simple steps. You need a few items, that don't cost much and can be found at your local drug store or beauty supply.

  • Foot spa - You can either purchase a or use a large pan to soak your feet. Soak them in luke warm water for about 10-15 minutes. Not only will this soften up those cuticles, it will also relax you.
  • Nail & cuticle clippers
  • Toe separators or rolled up napkins (serves the same purpose of separating the toes)
  • Pumice stone or pedicure groomer (make sure feet and stone are wet before rubbing it against the dry flaky areas on your foot) NOTE: If you haven’t had a pedicure in months, don’t go overboard with your first one of the season. If you remove too much of the calloused area and leave a soft, raw heel, you’ll just end up with blisters. OUCH
  • Cotton balls
  • Nail polish remover
  • Emery board or nail file (use to file nails before applying polish)
  • Nail polish (apply at least 2 coats. If applied too thick it will peel off prematurely)
  • Top coat (helps keep polish from chipping prematurely) I highly recommend Sally Hansen Super Shine Shiny Top Coat. I swear by this stuff. Once top coat is applied your nails should stay beautiful for at least 3 weeks. And guess chipped nail polish either.


Rough Dry Heels - First, you need to exfoliate your feet with a foot scrub. I highly recommend Foot Doctors Pedicure Deluxe Kit. This product removes the rough dead skin and leaves your feet feeling feet-tastic. Also, you could try Jerdon Pedismooth Pedicure Set. Secondly, before bed, apply a generous amount of olive oil to each foot. Then cover each foot completely with plastic, then put socks on over the plastic. I guarantee you when you awake in the morning and remove the "foot capsules" you won't recognize your feet. The soft smoothness will last about 3 days. Lastly, make sure you utilize a great moisterizing lotion that sinks into the skin and keeps your skin soft.

Toenail Length - Remember back when putting an acrylic tip on your big toenail was fashionably acceptable? Just to let you know...this season it is NOT acceptable. Now granted if you should have an unfortunate accident and kick the coffee table at night and damage your toenail it is acceptable to get a fake one applied until your real nail grows out. However, the length of the nail tip should not curl over the front of your sandal. Your toenails and cuticles should be nicely trimmed. Be careful not to trim them too short.

Polish - The hot nail lacquers seen around town, on red carpets and runways are various shades and hughes of pink, red and fuchsia. Notice I did NOT include black, green or blue. The classy Fashionista knows that certain colors just aren't appropriate for a trendsetting woman. Of course, the french manicure is always appropriate. Just for kicks...try this Shade Selector to help you select a color that best works for you. Need nails to dry quick before dashing out the door to your next event...try INSTA-Dry Speed Dry Drops

This entire process should take about an hour. Take your time, don't rush or the finished product won't be sandal worthy. After your nails are dry, you can look down and admire your handiwork. Your pedicure should last about 2 weeks.

When all else fails FASHIONISTAS, run down to your nearest nail salon and let the professionals do your pedicure. Want extra special pampering try Salon Utopia. They are conveniently located 10 minutes from downtown and their staff provides impeccable service. Ask for Cassandra and tell her Delilah sent you.

Some Important Foot Tips

  • Massage for relaxation and to get the blood circulation going.

  • Only cut your toe nails straight across to avoid in growing nails. Do not dig in the corners with sharp instruments such as with fingernail files. Leave this to professionals. You could cause an infection.

  • When working out wear cotton socks to absorb moisture from your feet.

  • Buy correct fitting shoes.

  • Alternate your footwear. If possible wear shoes that will let your feet breath like either a sandal or leather shoes.

  • Always remember to keep your implements clean: if they are left dirty they may harbor germs and cause infections.

Let's all say together...FANTABULOUS FEET.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I was just surfing the internet, minding my own business when what did I by chance happen upon but these glorious sumptuous works of art.

FASHIONISTAS....Anyone who knows me.....knows that my mouth dropped wide open when I came across these wonderfully detailed Chocolate High Heeled Shoes. Chocolate...Yup, that's right! Edible shoes! These Chocolate High Heel Shoes are so elegant, but I don't know if I could eat them! I know that Valentines' Day is well behind us, but these shoes would be great gift for any girl at any time of the year.

You thought Nordstrom's was the place for the shoe-obsessed? Clearly this is a designer shoe that is fit for anyone with a taste for gourmet chocolate and an undying love for shoes. All the chocolate shoes are handmade and no two are alike. Each shoe measures seven inches long, 5-1/2 inches high and includes the poly purse.

These beautiful works of art can be purchased online at Gayle's Chocolates.

Edible chocolate shoes...this takes being Fantabulous to another level. I am here by crowning these shoes " Delilah's Pick Of The Day".


HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY FASHIONISTAS. Every February across the country candy, flowers, and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine. On this nationally recognized day chocolates and flowers abound. You think to yourself......just what are you going to do for your sweetheart? First and foremost take into consideration it's the thought that counts. Getting your sweetheart something should be a wonderful experience and not an arduous task. Word to the wise....don't overextend yourselves. The most wonderful gifts are those that are creative and come from your heart.

One way of celebrating would be to transform your home into a restaurant and serve a romantic dinner. There are numerous recipes for romantic dinners available on the web. It's not that expensive and it's a much more creative way to spend the evening with your sweetheart. Not to mention the fact, you will totally avoid the Valentine's Day restaurant crowd.

Create a sweetheart basket and fill it with a love note or poem, delicious chocolates, mini stuffed animals, cards and top it off with some scented candles and a bottle of wine or sparkling cider.

Another option would be to take a sweetheart cruise at
Kemah. A simpler way of spending time with your sweetheart would be to cuddle up on the couch together and watch a romantic movie.

Then there is the more traditional way of demonstrating your love with flowers and candy. An interesting and tasty expression of one's love would be to send an
Edible Arrangement. Their delicious bouquets are filled with fresh fruit, some are dipped in chocolate. These arrangements are pleasing to all of the senses.

There are infinite possibilities for sharing Valentine's Day with your significant other. Don't allow your spirit of giving to be defined by what society says you should give. Think from the heart and allow the creativity to flow.

Gain more insight on the origin of Valentine's Day. View
The History of Valentine's Day.

One Final Thought Fashionistas.....Valentine's Day should be more about spending quality time with your loved ones and less about how much money you spend on a gift. Seize each day available to show your loved ones how much you love them. Don't just wait on Valentine's Day to demonstrate your love, tomorrow is not promised.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day...whatever you choose to do make sure you make it Fantabulous.

Friday, February 1, 2008


I want to share a very personal experience with you my wonderful Fashionistas. Today something very upsetting happened to me. I tell you Fashionistas I was so furious that I could chew nails. I know some of you know that feeling...right. I know we all know the old adage "turn the other cheek." Well, in this case I was so angry that I was provoked to the point of revenge. I can tell you that it is not always easy to turn the other cheek. In this world where you try and try to get ahead and do right unto others it seems that sometimes no matter how hard you try terrible things still seem to happen to you. I wanted to share this with everyone in hopes that it would help someone. I know that I'm not the only one who faces challenges, valleys and many hills that I must climb.

I'm taught that the battle is not ours but it's the Lords and that all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to his purpose. I do not seek to sound preachy but instead want to shed some light on how when life's challenges seem as though they may get the best of us that God still has control. Even as I write this blog I encourage myself and hopefully encourage others. Keep on doing the right things, even when others seem to come against you. Give the fight over to the Lord. Therein lies my decision, I will not seek revenge. God has all power and will always have the last word. I know that He has not brought all of us this far, wherever you are, to leave you.

There is a purpose for us all. We must seek to discover what that true purpose is. Anger and hurt will pass away just as the material things of this world, but the things that are of God will last forever. Oh my goodness how He loves us. Even when it feels as though we are all alone, we are not. He knows the number of hairs on our head...yes, including the ones we have either sewed or glued in. Now tell me, if He knows this insignificant piece of information about us, what manner of goodness will he hold from us?

We should not let someone anger us unto wrath or vengeance. Vengeance is not of God and it will only make things worse. Retaliation does not ease the hurt or the anger. But it does however; cause us to stoop lower than the standard that God has set for us. So what exactly am I saying to you all...I'm saying that we all go through trials and tribulations. There is no shame in that. These things are a part of life. However, we are responsible for how we react to these things. Do we allow obstacles and challenges to rob us of our joy or do we give it over to God and keep moving. This is what Joy's the ability to keep your head and heart stayed on Jesus and the calling for our lives even in the midst of adversity.

It's very easy to tell someone to stay strong when they are the ones going through something. It's not so hard when the shoe is on the other foot. Can you roll with the punches and keep going when your anger tells you to smite back? Can you let it roll off and allow God to take care of it for you? When you give it to God you can't take it back from him.

I know everyone is wondering......well, did I seek revenge. And the answer is NO....I decided to write and share with my fellow Fashionistas. I would not have wanted to do something which would block my blessings. When bad things happen to you instead of thinking that it’s the end of the world, see them as minor bumps in the road. Be determined to see what’s on the other side of the bump. Give the issue over to God and don't harp on it. Don't allow the anger and resentment to take root in your heart. Take my word for's hard to dig that mess up once it's gotten a stronghold. Life is too short, know that God is on your side and He knows what's best for you. We have to remind ourselves of this daily. Sometimes when things happen they just don't make sense to us. We must know that God has a plan for us. He's working it out for our good.

We are created in his image. We are BETTER than anger and wrath. Let go and Let God.

I feel so much better now that I have gotten that off my mind. Thanks for the free therapy session Fashionistas. This year will be bigger and better, stay tuned for announcements of up coming events.

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