Friday, November 30, 2007


Do you have enough stylish handbags in your closet? Guess again...the handbags this season are taking fashion to another level. Bags fashioned of fur, suede, leather, patent leather, quilted fabric and simulated animal skins hit the catwalks, magazines and city streets with a vengeance. The resurgence of the patent leather bag surprised us all.

Bags with beads, sequins, buckles or clasps are the most eye popping items this year. Bags can be fantastic accent pieces, especially for the holiday season. A beautifully detailed bag can add some sparkle, pop and interest to an otherwise basic ensemble.

Bags can be bought at most clothing retailers, handbag and accessory boutique stores. However, you are less likely to see your bag duplicated if purchased from one of Houston's boutiques. Handbags are great, affordable gifts for the Fashionistas on your holiday list. Bags are gifts that can be bought for any personality or age, and will be sure to bring a smile.

The fashion world is filled with top designers who bring fashionable bags to new and amazing levels, however sometimes the price of their products is a bit more than the average Fashionista is willing to pay. But there is hope ladies, many designers also offer affordable, stylish and fun bags without sacrificing quality and appeal.

Beaded or sequined handbags can be works of art and statement pieces. Beaded handbags, earrings, bracelets and other accessories can be fun and trendy accent pieces for a Fashionista of any age. Just remember not to over accessorize.

Let your imagination soar with new and old pieces alike. You can carry a beaded handbag to a formal or semi-formal event to add a bit of your personality. Handbags and purses add an unmistakable sense of femininity and charm to every silhouette.

Bags come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Whatever size or shape you choose, do make sure that the purse compliments your outfit. Bag sizes must be in proportion to your body size. Not every Fashionista can carry the huge bags that are seen in many fashion photos. Make sure the size of the bag isn't too overwhelming for your body frame.

Gone are the days when we would just grab a bag and dash out of the door. Now picking a handbag is done with the same precision as selecting the perfect shoe to compliment your outfit. Careful thought must be utilized when pulling your outfit together. Here's a freebie....choose handbags that can go with more than one outfit. This alleviates you from having to always purchase a bag to match your next show stopping outfit. Have in your repertoire a mixture of bag colors, textures and styles of which you can pull from to accent your outfit.

Let your bag speak volumes about the stylish Fashionista you are. Whatever bag you it with intention. Walk to the beat of your own drum ladies and be Fantabulous.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Dillard's West Oaks Mall has extended a special invitation to Fashionista subscribers. Once again there are definite benefits to being a part of the Fashionista movement. The event is on Sunday December 2nd, from 6:30pm until 9:30pm. As a VIP guest you will enjoy special discounts of at least 10% on all purchases, free gift-wrapping services, extra personalized services, and a less stressful and more exclusive shopping opportunity.

The store will be closed to regular shoppers and open its doors only to VIP guests. Therefore, you must definitely R.S.V.P. your attendance to ensure entry into the store on the day of the event. This is a great opportunity to get in there and get through your shopping list without the large crowds.

This Dillard's location has some wonderful selections to choose from and not to mention the affordability. Who could ask for more. See your there my fellow Fashionistas. Remember always look you best and be Fantabulous.

To R.S.V.P please call 281-558-4431
Reference: VIP Holiday Celebration

Sunday, November 18, 2007


I want to extend a personal thank you to all of the ladies of the Fashionista Project that attended the Lady L trunk show. Ms. Letoya Luckett herself was available to present all the lines of clothing available at Lady L Boutique. As if that was not enough Ms. Luckett also provided champagne and hors d'oeuvres to Fashionista guests. Currently the Lady L website is undergoing upgrades and will be viewable within the month with all new clothing available only on her online storefront. As a benefit of attending the Fashionista trunk show Ms. Luckett has further extended personal invitations to all those who were in attendance to her December 1st event. Ms. Luckett will be hosting Forest Whitaker and his wife Keisha Nash Whitaker who will be introducing her new lip gloss line Kissable Couture. Also numerous other notable celebrities will be in attendance. Ms. Luckett features clothing from KLS (Kimora Lee Simmons) and MBLEM (Mandy Moore) in her boutique, so you never know who you may see. This is sure to be a star-studded event. There are definite benefits to being a member of the Fashionista Project family.

Also in attendance at Lady L was Gabrielle Gunn owner of Beaucoup Amor. The next Fashionista event will be hosted by Ms. Gunn at her Galleria area store. Beaucoup Amor features the latest in accessories and this store is a must see particularly for the holiday season. The Beaucoup Amor event is by invitation only to Fashionista subscribers and select associates of Delilah Alexander. Invitations for this event will follow, please RSVP as required. Special discounts will be given to all invited guests of the Fashionista Project. If you love shoes, jewelry and fabulous purses you will not want to miss this event. See you soon my fellow Fashionistas, until next time always be Fantabulous.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


This fall and winter, fashion is electrifying and full of styles that are fresh, gorgeous, and absolutely wearable. It is one of the most exciting fashion seasons that I have seen in years and any girl worth her weight in shopping bags will want to have just about everything. But I will help you be level-headed and narrow down the best fashion finds to update your wardrobe and not break the bank. There are even a few throwaway fashion treats that you can have fun with and not worry when it’s time to pass them on.

It is never quite cold enough in Houston to wear the heavy sweaters that invoke the kind of luxuriously warm feeling that we get when we see sweaters on models in the magazines, television ads or on the cat walks. Houston winter is a different kind of animal all together and takes some getting use to when it comes to selecting a winter wardrobe. One day it is warm and the next it could be well into the 50's. Once the cold weather does creep in it brings rain along with it. So many of us dislike the damp and drab winter weather in our area. But my fellow Fashionistas that is no reason for our fashion sense to suffer.

It is time to put away the light weight fabrics such as linens and cotton blends and transition to fall fabrics. You can rest assure if you have cashmere you'd better wear it at the first sign of a cold front. The key to wearing fabrics such as cashmere and wool is that you must wear these types of fabrics when there is a chill in the air. These fabrics above all others are not forgiving in the heat or humidity and there is nothing worse than having on wool pants that itch. Layering is your best bet for Houston winter. Fall is about layering and the jacket is an essential piece of your fall wardrobe. For year-to-year wear stick with tailored styles like the one-button blazer and casual jean jackets. Tweed, suede and corduroy are favorite jacket materials for a tailored or casual look.

A great pair of boots, either shoe boot or the every so stylish knee high boot is always a worth while investment. This season boots are coming in all kinds of juicy colors. From patent leather to simulated snake skin and crocodile print. However, this year the shoe boot is the hottest style item. The shoe boot, otherwise referred to as "shoebooty" in the magazines and talk shows offers an array of wardrobe options. Where the knee high boot may be a bit much under your slacks the shoebooty steps in and has been featured on cat walks and magazines worldwide. Yes, you can wear the shoe boot with a dress or a skirt. Pair them with opaque tights and a pencil skirt and you are sure to get more compliments than you can handle.

For years Houston has been in the predicament of trying to play catch up with fashion trends. Lately Houston and it's style aficionados have been on the cutting edge of fashion. Stylish and chic are words which have been used to describe Houston by fashion gurus. Play catch up --- not anymore. We are the leaders of the pack and the rest of the world is starting to take notice. Be Fearless With Fashion.

In addition to the hot new boots, I've put together a list of 10 fall must haves for the stylish Fashionista.

Must Haves For Fall 2007

1. Fitted Jacket - A great tailored jacket -- fitted to show off feminine curves, not a baggy masculine style -- will pair with everything from work trousers to jeans. A jacket adds structure to your figure: gives curvy girls more angular lines, creates waistlines for boyish figure types and smooths out lumps and bumps for all shapes. You can choose traditional fall jacket fabrics like tweed, corduroy, denim or menswear plaids; you can also go luxe with velvet, leather, or brocade.

2. White Shirt - Either in cotton poplin blend or shimmery polyester blend.

3. Black Pantsuit - Wearing pants in cooler weather is a very practical move. Pantsuits offer tons of style. Pay particular attention to the cut of the suit. Tailored pants are a great investment, just remember to go with traditional silhouettes that defy trends: cuffs, flat-front or soft pleats.

4. Sweater - Natural fibers are a top choice for sweaters: wool, cashmere (weather permitting) & cotton. These fabrics breathe better than synthetic counterparts and are great for layering. Look for classic choices like solid turtlenecks or V-necks.

5. Cashmere or Wool Blend Wrap - the cashmere shawl is the only coverup that you can stash in a tote, use on the airplane as a luxe blanket, and wear over jeans or a little black dress. It's not only chic and versatile, it's dramatic.

6. Menswear Print Pants - Menswear or haberdashery prints encompass houndstooth, plaids, pinstripes and checks. Fall is the perfect season for masculine prints to appear made up in suits, pants, jackets, coats and dresses. When buying classics, remember that you'll tire of prints faster, so stick with smaller-scales (pinstripe vs. large houndstooth). Pair a feminine top and accessories with menswear for maximum style and wear with tall or short boots.

7. Trench Coat - Top your fall style off with a sharp-looking trench coat. Short, long, belted or loose, trenches are fall's best outerwear for women.

8. Sheath Dress - Match it with a hem-length coat or wear it on its own with pumps; anyway you wear the classic, knee-length sheath dress it's a winner. Fabric choices include knits, crepe, silk and menswear fabrics. Throw on some tights and boots and you have a winner.

9. Leather Tote Bag or Briefcase - Stash the straw or the totes with graphic designs and opt for a more serious bag. Suede and leather are natural choices in everything from earthy browns to warm reds. If you lean toward logos, fall is the time for a status bag to add pizazz. Remember to scale the bag size to your size (small bags for small frames, up to larger bags to larger frames).

10. Wrap Dress - The wrap dress is a hot ticket item. This single item has the power to make many body styles look fabulous. This items has the power to camouflage a myriad of figure flaws. It is typically A-line and therefore is giving in the hip area and the tie at the waist adds the appearance of a cinched in waist to any Fashionista.

Although there are always exceptions, fall clothes often appear in earthy hues such as olive, chocolate, stone and jewel tones (deep purple, emerald green, ruby red). Black and navy are always dependable, but do not be afraid to add shots of hot colors like red or fuchsia and even pastels to your mix. White is usually reserved for blouses in the Fall.

Remember throw away all of the old rules to fashion that you have been taught. Have fun with fashion. Create "you" within the realms of your wardrobe. Add your own unique personality and remember always look Fantabulous my fellow Fashionistas.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Lady L Boutique Soiree Announcement

Lady L Boutique opened in Houston, Texas on November 26, 2004 by Houston’s own LeToya Luckett. Lady L Boutique is a trendsetting boutique that provides upscale fashions at reasonable prices. Looking for that one of a kind piece to make a statement at your next big event…check out Lady L Boutique. You are guaranteed to find something that screams your name.

Lady L Boutique is truly "for those who want to make a statement". Lady L carries brands such as: Sky, t-bags, LaROK,
Ed Hardy, Sharon Segal, Bejeweled, Joe Jeans, California Born, Gold Sign, and shoes by Gianmarco Lorenzi, to name a few. All items are handpicked by LeToya herself, an original member of Destiny's Child opened this upscale boutique and purposely chooses a variety of styles, so there is something for everyone.

For those of you who have not had the pleasure of visiting Lady L Boutique, let this be your opportunity to come out to see the shop and enjoy mingling with fellow Fashionistas.

DATE: November 17, 2007 @ 7:00 p.m.

LOCATION: 1101 Uptown Blvd (Uptown Park), Suite 16

CONTACT: 713.629.4400

REGISTER NOW FOR MODELING 101- ONLY $99.00...Registering Now