Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Just the other day I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with one of my closest girlfriends. It really made me appreciate the development of healthy relationships. I know sometimes its hard for us women to find healthy friendships that are interesting or that are equally yolked. We should all take some time to re-evaluate our friendships. Find those friends who can uplift you, as well as, make you laugh. Healthy relationships are those which make positive deposits into your life.

Good girlfriends are those who allow you to cry on their shoulder and confide in them without being judged. It's important that we as women learn how to communicate with each other, just as it is for us to communicate with the opposite sex. God has placed us all on this Earth to be examples to one another. Since we as women are very observant people, it is important that we constantly have friends around us that uplift us and hold us accountable for the better things in life. Take time to care about who you bring into your life for a lifetime and cherish those relationships. I know I cherish all of my friends regardless of distance and time apart.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Happy New Year my fellow Fashionistas. It's a new year with many new challenges, and accomplishments in store for us on the horizon. As we contemplate our next move for the new year one can't help but stop and wonder...how will we achieve fulfillment this year. Fulfillment in both our personal and professional lives.

Fulfillment is something I think we all question. What is fulfillment? How do we gain fulfillment? Do we gain it through ourselves or others? Does Fulfillment create happiness- does it complete our life? Although I don't know the answer to the questions myself, I do believe we should start our day with that question. What is fulfillment and how do I gain it? I challenge you all to gain fulfillment in your life. To find out what exactly fulfillment is to you. Only you and God know what you can measure up to. Take time to understand what it means to fulfill yourself.

Word to the wise, don't set goals that are unattainable. You'll only end up feeling unfulfilled. Make short term goals and set your mind to achieving each one at a time. This thing called life takes time to get through. You must take it one day at a time.

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