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Greetings Fashionistas!

Many of you may be wondering where I have been. I want to take this time to share something with everyone that has made a tremendous impact in my life and in the lives of so many young students. I have been travelling the Southern region (Texas, Louisiana, St. Louis, Arkansas, New Mexico) speaking to young students about the value of a college education and making the right career choices. As someone who earned a college degree later in life this subject is near and dear to my heart. The successful outcome of the future of our youth weighs heavily on what we put into them today.

Most of the young adults that I speak to say they feel as though no one really cares about them or they have such low self esteem that they do not feel that they even matter. Many of you know that the foundations of self esteem, self confidence and self actualization are my areas of expertise. I know now after many years that this is my calling. The compassion that God has placed within me surpasses just feeling bad for my fellow man, woman, boy or girl. I did not understand this for a long time and it caused me great pain. My parents would tell me that I was too dramatic and emotional and so would many of my romantic partners. Don't you just hate when you are trying to express your feelings and someone tells you that you are being dramatic? Well, I used to get that response all of the time. I've learned that in order to be an effective worker in the kingdom of God you have to be compassionate towards others. Once I heard those words I knew I had found my true calling.

I have come to realize and accept that there are so many facets of Delilah and more importantly, I have come to love and accept the flamboyant, emotional and the unpredictable me. This is what I instill into everyone that crosses my path. "Love the You that God made You to Be." You are perfect in every way. Once you get this down into your spirit you can truly be useful to God and his Kingdom.

With each trip that I take to speak to the students about education I have found that I learn and gain something in return. This generation which we call Y, X, Z, etc., all want the same thing we want. They want to know that someone loves and cares for them. When I first began speaking to the students I was afraid that they would not want to hear yet another speech from someone who seemingly has no idea of the things that concern them. I was totally wrong! God guides me to open up and share who I truly am with the students. Once I share with them how imperfect I am and how I am still trying to become a success their defenses are removed and they can hear me.

If we are true to ourselves and examine ourselves regardless of our station in life, we would all have an area in our life that perhaps needs further development. We sometimes walk around with masks thinking that if we allow others to see who we truly are makes us vulnerable. Some of us have been taught this from birth...that the strong seek to devour the week. Yes, in some instance this is true...but I firmly believe that there are those of us who do not seek to harm others. We all make mistakes..if God were to give up on us because of a mistake we made where would we be now? By showing our vulnerabilities to others we can help inspire those who have given up to pick themselves up and try try try again. I'm reminded of a song that goes "If I Can Help Someone Along The Way Then My Living Is Not In Vain.

In my travels, I have also been fortunate enough to come in contact with some wonderful people who have made a big impact in my life. Unfortunately, I know I will probably never see these people again. However, I will never forget them. Words can never express how grateful I am to God that he has allowed me to be an instrument of inspiration to others. I would pray that with each blog I write, each fashion event I host and each client I help to discover their inner Fashionista. That each would see someone who is truly genuine and transparent. I am who I am and that is all I can be. I am Delilah...took me a long time to love that name. I always felt that it was too big for me and far too different.

When I was a young girl I had given myself the nickname of Lisa because I felt that that was much more acceptable. My family quickly adopted my self proclaimed name and all called me Lisa. Heck some of them think that Lisa is my real name to this day. Over the course of the years, God has taught me that that name was given to me because I am different and that is the way that he made me. We are all different and beautiful in our own ways. We should never judge each other, only
love and accept that person. We each have all our unique and valuable contribution to this world. God made each of us perfect in every way. No magazine, billboard advertisement, or department store size can define you.

Over the course of January, February and March I will have visited over 40 different schools and spoken to over 5000+ young adults all eager to hear how they too can become a success. Success is not just about finance. You can have all the money in the world and still be unhappy. True Joy never fades. Joy is not based on if you have money in your account, have a boyfriend/husband, a six-figure income job or a big house. True Joy comes from God and it starts from within. "This Joy That I Have The World Didn't Give It To Me And They World Can't Take It Away."
I have discovered so many things that words can merely scrape the surface. One thing that reverberates within my spirit is "With Everything We Do We Are To Make It Count." I ask you...ask yourself this. Are you living or are you mere existing? Push yourself to go beyond your comfort zone and help someone else. I guarantee you the reward will be far more than what money can buy. We are here to help others not just to amass a fortune for ourselves. Yes, God wants us to be prosperous but prosperity does not just come from the almighty dollar. There are far more treasures in life that money cannot compare. I am a living witness to that.

When I think back to the Obama's campaign the first thing that comes to mind is the slogan "Change We Can Believe In". It is my every endeavor with each client I help, each friend I am there for and each student I speak to that I exemplify a "Change" that I am standing for.

So you see the business of Image Management Consulting is far more than just about the way you dress. It is about who you are on the inside and letting that come forth on the outside. Designer labels have never defined me..I opt for the more creative approach of pulling together pieces of clothing that will let those who see me, see me for who I truly am. A woman with a tremendous heart and passion to help others with my God given talents.

I will be travelling once again at the end of the month. I am headed to Kansas, Dallas, New Orleans, Beaumont and Anahuac where I will speak to a groups of at-risk youth. I feel honored that the schools have requested me to come to speak there. I know it is my Father who is sending me and I go there with an excitement and exhilleration that I can not put into words.

Some one once asked me, "don't you get tired of all of the travelling and being away from your child". My response to them was that I know that my daughter has a huge advantage that some of the kids I speak to do not have. She has a mother who is actively involved in her upbringing. God has placed a gift inside of me and it would be selfish of me to keep that gift to myself. He put it there for me to do something with it, not just to sit on it and boast "I can do this or I can do that". With each measure of blessing that God gives us, we are to give back to those less fortunate.

It is my prayer that if you are in need of empowerment, inspiration or just a friend that you would not keep to yourself and feel as though there is no one there. There is one thing that I have found to be a common thread in so many of our lives and that is we do not want to bother others with our troubles or we feel that no one will care. I am here to serve you notice that there are many of us who truly care and are here for you.

When I reflect on all of the many people I have met who are genuine people out there I remember the words of my favorite Mary Mary song....

You think I'm so fresh you think I'm so clean

You think I'm so sweet

It's the God in me

What is it you think you see?

You see her style you think she nice

You look at her whip you say the whip tight

You look at her crib you thinking she's paid

You look at her life you think she's got it made

But everything she's got the girl's been given

She calls it a blessing but you call it living

When it comes to money she can be a hero

She writes them checks with a whole lot of zeros

But what you don't know is when she get home

And get behind closed doors man she hits the floor

And what you can't see is she's on her knees

If you ask her she'll tell you

It's the God in me

I challenge you all to go on a journey of discovery with me to uncover your inner Fashionista...it is not just about make-up, clothes, shoes, etc. Now those things are important but discovering your inner Fashionista will take you on a road to discovery you never thought possible. I must be honest...I never thought I would be inspiring young adults and women...I know it is God and not me.

Lastly, I am participating in a YMCA Gala fundraiser this is raising funds to help students with scholarships. If you want to attend the Gala (March 27th) or just want
to donate to help towards college for students who would not otherwise be able to go to college, please email me at Delilah@ImageEssentialsllc.com or contact me at 832-594-4556.
Make It Count Fierce & Fantabulously!
Peace And Blessings

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