Friday, September 5, 2008


Les a le bon ton roule Fashionistas...

There is nothing else in the world like a beignet. Some may say it is just a donut with powdered sugar on it...I would have to disagree. Let me take a moment to break down exactly what this delicious treat is.

A beignet pronounced ben–YAY, which is means "bump", refers to a French pastry made from deep fried dough and sprinkled with confectioner's sugar. Beignets are also popular as an appetizer, with fillings such as crawfish or shrimp. Beignets are often found in, and typically associated with, the city of New Orleans. While in New Orleans you must make your way to the quaint French bakery Cafe Du Monde. Do not expect an elaborate backery. This french style bakery is nothing like the French bakeries you may have seen on your favorite romance movie. There is powdered sugar on the floor and outside of the establishment there are pigeons every where trying to get a morsel of this delicious goodness.

I know that the beignet is not on my meal plan, but this is definitely a treat that I had to take advantage of on my recent "pre- hurrican Gustav" visit to New Orleans. I was fortunate enough to revisit New Orleans after hurricane Gustave. Let me ease your mind by telling you that Cafe DuMonde is still there churning out these small caloric packed goodies 24/7.

My mouth is starting to water just thinking about this sugary treats.

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