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Stay Stylish And Warm This Winter

Stay Stylish and Warm This Winter Season

Sweater Dress from Village Girls Boutique Houston, TX
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Winter has officially begun, and baby, it's cold outside! While you may be tempted to wrap yourself in a blanket before stepping outside, remember you can look chic while staying warm. And before you start slipping into large, heavy layers, consider creating the right proportions with your winter gear.
Delilah A. Alexander

Winter fashions are not the most appealing clothes for the majority of people. Winter clothing can be bulky and weighty. However, it is really about planning how you put together the whole outfit that counts. I have been asked many times this season are wool coats in fashion for winter and the answer is very definitely yes!! You need to select a coat that is functional, as well as, fashionable.

Face it, as temperatures begin to fall in the winter months, most men and women are looking for a mixture of practical and fashionable clothing. The colder weather makes it more of a challenge to be glamorous and fashionable at the same time. However, it can be done and done fantabulously!

Here are some quick tips to staying fashionable. Definitely look for clothing that will be warm and stylish. Steer clear of winter wear that is too big and bulky for your frame. Instead choose pieces that will flatter your figure.

Ladies, when you buy your winter coat you should make sure it is at least knee length as that is the fashion for this season. If you want to buy something longer, there is nothing stopping you from doing so. However, do choose coats that will flatter and still maintain your womanly shape. You can also accessorize winter wear with scarves and pins. These accent pieces can personalize your look and take it to the next level of sophistication.

Men also want to look dapper and maintain their swagger on those cold days. Men should also choose clothing that is not going to make you appear larger than what you really are. Instead choose sweaters, turtlenecks and cardigans in lieu of oversized jerseys. The pea coat is also a perfect choice for outwear. Did you know that...the classic pea coat continues to be fashionable and stylish for both men and women. Multiple variations of the pea coat are sold by many retailers and are an asset to any wardrobe. One last piece of advice....Your coat should definitely fit you. The old adage of "you'll grow into it" is not longer appropriate.

Wear Winter White
Achieve an ethereal glow with a rich white or off white coat. A style secret of red carpet regulars, there is something regal and fresh about wearing this luminous shade during the dark and dreary days of winter. And as an added bonus, this polished piece of outerwear will help you stand out in a sea of black.

Pass It Forward
Outerwear is an essential, but it can also be expensive. Consider donating your gently worn coat this winter to provide a precious piece of warmth to someone in need. A few noteworthy companies, including United Colors of Benetton and Burlington Coat Factory, are offering discounts on new outerwear in appreciation of your donation. Furthermore, why not seek out a gently worn jacket or coat of your own? Many designers are bringing back retro styles, and a thrift store is a great place to shop for authentic inspiration!

Layering clothing for winter cold months is a common way to use pieces create endless wardrobe possibilities.

Whatever you choose to wear this winter do it with style! Stay tuned for our next newsletter where I will let you in on the 5 Top Winter Must-Haves this winter for both men and women.

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