Monday, January 5, 2009

Out With The Old And In With The New


Does this look like your closet?
In with the new and out with the old. That is what we all say. We make many New Year's resolutions. We vow to all different kinds of things like get into shape, start eating right, be a better spouse, be a better steward over our finances, save money, stop shopping so much or go to church more regularly. How many of us have vowed to get our closets organized? Your closet is a crucial part of your life. A disorganized closet can cause you to want to pull your hair out...especially if you are in a rush and cannot find your favorite shirt that matches that perfect pair of black slacks.

In keeping with "letting go of the old and bringing in the new" closet organization should also be considered. If you are like "I WAS", each year you add more clothing pieces to your closet and discard nothing. So by now you have a closet that is bursting at the seams. We have clothing items that we thought were a great find when we bought them and now they hang in the closet still with the price tag on it. We have all done it.

Do not kid yourself, we can and oftentimes do form emotional attachments to clothing items. It could be the dress you wore when he proposed to you, or the pair of pants that make your butt look cute or maybe it is the shirt that every time you wear it you get attention. Any of these statements could be a good reason to keep something but not if #1. It is not flattering #2. It is out dated and, #3. It looks worn and old. lol. These excuses are just a few of the reasons that I hear why a client's coveted clothing item should not be discarded.

I am not saying that you should toss everything out. What I am saying is that you should be realistic. The likelihood of you wearing a dress that you wore to a high school dance in 1995 again is very slim to nil. Our sense of style changes and although fashion trends are recycled believe me when fashion from 1995 comes back around they will be far more stylish and updated than when we first wore them.

Image Essentials LLC can help you with purging your closet. Release the old and make room for the new. As I said before, "everything does not have to go". You will be amazed at how you can update some garments by simply adding different accessories or by taking them to be altered.

You will never have any more of those dreaded mornings where you stand in front of a closet full of clothing and say to yourself "I have nothing to wear". Call Delilah A. Alexander of Image Essentials LLC to schedule your closet assessment.

Your old outdated and unwanted clothing will be donated to an organization that provides clothing to someone else in need. Clothing donations are a tax write-off. As a complimentary service to you, Image Essentials LLC takes the issue of what to do with old discarded clothing off your hands. We will bag the clothing, take it to the nearest donation spot and give you the receipt for tax purposes.

An organized closet can help you save valuable time, prevent you from making costly mistakes by duplicating purchases and alliviate the frustration caused by searching for key clothing pieces.

Visit us at Your closet does not have to be a mess any more. You too can have a Fantabulous closet.

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