Thursday, October 16, 2008


Greetings Fashionistas...

When the times get tough a Fashionista gets even tougher. A Fashionista is able to shift gears into Bargainista mode, without skipping a beat. Do not let the state of the economy hamper your ability to be Fantabulously Fierce. The biggest way to maintain your divalicious style when the economy is putting a crunch on your pocket book is shop strategically. There are tons of sales and reasonably priced merchandise out there. The best thing is that your style does not have to suffer. As a matter of fact, utilize this time to truly allow your fashion imagination to run wild. You might even surprise yourself.

A Fashionista turned Bargainista knows the smell of a great bargain. Bargain shopping – is a frugalite's dream. Seek out sales and price mark downs. Some of my favorite bargain places to shop are Dillard's, Macy's, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, DSW and Show Cents. These retailers are always bringing in new merchandise. The buyers of these establishments keep the stores stocked with the latest fashion trends, as well as, classic wardrobe building pieces and accessories.

I spotted a beautiful cocktail dress at T.J. Maxx, similar to one Kia Whitacker (Forest Whitacker's wife) flossed at a most recent fundraising event. The best part was the dress was a mere fraction of the original price. Typically, at off-price retailers you can find one of a kind pieces and rock bottom prices. Finding that one of a kind piece means that you are sure not to show up at an event and see another Fashionista wearing the same frock. Although, it is funny to see "Who Wore It Best" in the US Magazine it is by no means funny when it happens to you. ha ha

The objective is to look fabulously flawless and stylish while not breaking the bank! Seek out the bargains. Bargain shopping can be very stressful, but it is can also be very thrilling and rewarding. Here are some pointers that can help you to have an absolutely stress free bargain shopping experience, and most of all save money.

  • Get a local newspaper or magazine that lists local secondhand stores, outlet malls and weekend sales.
  • Head to the back of the store. This is where the sale and/or clearance items are typically held. Stores want you to look at their fully priced items before their discounted merchandise.
  • Know what you are looking for and do not buy just to buy. With just a bit of patience and a keen eye you can get some really good deals.
  • If you like brand name products, call to the major stores and ask if they are going to be having any closings, or overstock sales. Overstock is a great way to get designer brand items at cheap prices.
  • Shop around. Never buy something that you can get a better price someplace else.

Another great thing about bargain shopping today is that you do not necessarily have to leave the house to bargain shop. It can all be done online. Many great deals and one of a kind pieces can be found with the click of a mouse. Combine sales with an online coupon to maximize your savings. Use an online website that organizes up-to-date coupons by category. (e.g. Shopping online also makes it easy to compare prices, but be aware! Some sites are not always safe. Make sure you feel comfortable when you give a site your credit card number. Print your receipt for your records.

With the holidays approaching us bargain shopping will be crucial now more than ever! Take advantage of those after holiday sales. After the holidays stores want to get rid of fall clothing to make room for summer merchandise.

Be a Fantabulous Fashionista doing it Bargainista style!!!

Stay tuned for my next blog where I will reveal what is hot for the fall season. Yes, ladies it is fall. Tis the season for boots, sweaters and fabulous holiday attire.

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